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Thanks for visiting Destiny Empowerment Services

We provide Relationship therapy, Mentoring, Teaching and Public speaking.

We will use every available gift to empower your life.


Destiny Empowerment Services are a relevant and innovative business that uses a variety of skills and gifts to impact people’s lives. D.E.S. was started by Noel McLean in 2010, after over 20 years of pastoral and mentoring experience. D.E.S. are committed to providing inspiration, encouragement and wisdom to all those that require our services, whilst maintaining integrity in how we treat our clients and run Destiny Empowerment Services.

We specialise in R elationship therapy, M entoring, T eaching and public S peaking.

  • I nspiration: We deliver cutting edge seminars and workshops on a range of topics.

  • E ncouragement: All our services are designed to motivate our clients to excel, overcome and fulfil the potential.

  • Wisdom : We provide a wealth of experience and wisdom for clients facing personal challenges in their lives.

  • I ntegrity: We believe one of the best ways to sustain business, is to conduct business with integrity and to provide an honest and competitively priced service to our clients.

Destiny Empowerment Services value people and are constantly looking at relevant ways to provide positive messages to their clients with the express purpose of helping people to maximise their potential, overcome obstacles and fulfil destiny.

If you are looking for one to one or group mentoring, relationship therapy or someone to speak or teach at a seminar, community group or college, please contact us today. We promise to use every available gift to impact your life!



 Choice, is the power to

determine a preferred path!

Noel McLean

Never look back

unless the past is

willing to serve

your future

Noel McLean

 The best Relationships are

built not bought!

Noel McLean

In recognising your greatness don't lose sight of your limitations and your need for support

Noel McLean


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