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Noel McLean has been helping people in various forms for over 20 years. Noel is an ordained minister, life coach,teacher, mentor, musician and relationship therapist.Noel, possesses a unique ability to reach people from all walks of life in order to motivate, inspire and empower them to fulfil their destiny and purpose.

Noel has extensive experience in public speaking in the U.K. and abroad. He is also proficient in the writing and delivery of seminars, mentoring and life coaching programs in community groups, schools, colleges, businesses and local councils. Noel also specialises in Relationship Counselling and holds Diploma's in; Counselling and Psychotherapy, Cognitive Behavourable Therapy and Life Coaching as well as a qualification in Mental Health. Noel is also a qualified teacher in the Life Long Learning sector and teachers Life Skills,Conflict management, citizenship and Functional skills English in the community.

As a strategic thinker, Noel is currently the Chair of the Wandsworth Borough Deans and works closely with local government personnel in order to engage organisations and people at grassroots level. in 2008, He was noted as being a community champion and has helped to raise key issues faced by communities.He is also on the Board for Borough safer neighbourhoods and provides strategic input into his community, holding regular seminars namely;domestic violence.

Within the church community, Noel is the vice president of Churches in Communities international and the Senior Minister of YCF International, a Christian Charity that has representation in India, Kenya, Uganda and the U.K. Noel travels extensively and annually conducts seminars and mentoring sessions in the UK, Africa,Europe and Asia. Noel has an Honorary Doctorate, a Masters in divinity, Diploma in Biblical studies and is the director for Hope for Streets Families Project in Kenya, a project that seeks to provide financial support, clothing and education for the poorest communities in Kenya. In 2016, Noel was awarded an honoury doctorate by Doxa Theological Seminary for his services to the church in India since 1999. 

Noel has been married to Sharon since 1993 and they have four beautiful children, Alex, Sophia, Sarah and Sarai.

If you would like Noel to speak at your event or to carry out relationship counselling, mentoring, or teaching, please contact us today and we will do our best to oblige!


We carry a wide range of services to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular services are shown below. Please call or e-mail for more information on our services or to confirm your booking.

Unpacking my thoughts

Do you find yourself overwhelmed with a diversity of goals and little 'head-space' to implement the things that matter? Then why not book a series of one-to-one sessions where you can explore your cognitive profile; the way you think. Develop different strategies for managing apsirations, change and challenges. Thoughts create the template for our behaviour, so if we manage our thoughts well, we can not only produce clarity of purpose but eliminate stress related illnesses.


Mentoring forms an essential part of learning and proficiency in a given area. If you are a leader or aspire to be one, then the D.E.S. mentoring program is designed to assist you in becoming the best you can. D.E.S. offer mentoring either to individuals or groups on an ongoing basis. The program is designed to address various aspects and necessary disciplines of leadership whether it be, in the business or the community sector.We can offer a short-term mentoring program that comprises of 3 sessions or on-going mentoring on a monthly basis on a one to one or group basis.

Contact us today for your mentoring session!

Life coaching

Our lives are invariably shaped by the decisions we make. The wisdom of these decisions will determine whether we are able to maximise the opportunities that are presented to us. Life coaching essentially assists an individual in making good decisions and inspires them to be systematic in deciding how they plan to achieve their personal long and short term goals. Session can take place either in person or via the phone. Contact us today for your first life coaching session!

Pre-marital Counselling

Are you preparing for marriage or in a long term relationship that requires some input? We offer an excellent pre-marital counseling course that is always adjusted to meet the specific needs of the couple. The course can often help couples to decide if their relationship will actually lead to marriage. Recommended:7 sessions.

Post marital Counselling

Are there fundamental areas in your marriage that require your urgent attention or do you just desire to see your relationship get even better? We provide confidential counseling for couples who desire to see their relationship grow. Recommended : 7 sessions.

Conflict management

We offer effective and innovative sessions for couples who need the tools to resolve conflict and establish techniques for managing future conflicts. Recommended : 3 sessions.

Marriage M.O.T

Invest in the continued success of your marriage by attending our twice yearly Marriage M.O.T.seminar. Evaluate your relationship and discover ways in which your relationship can be even better.

Power Seminars

How do we build healthy relationships? How can we build better relationships with family or friends? These seminars are in intended to provide you with key strategies and principles for healthy relationships. Seminars are held four times a year.

Sessional Teaching & Learner Support

If you require someone to Teach a variety of subjects within Further Education in an innovative and engaging way, then contact us today. We also provide motivational learner support to learners with general behavioural problems . We have extensive experience in teaching and supporintg young and mature adults within formal and informal educational settings. Book us today for any sessional teaching.

Public Speaking & Motivational talks

Do you need someone who can inspire and motivate individuals to to excel in life? If yes, contact D.E.S. today,we provide cutting-edge messages that are inclusive and engaging.We have experience in speaking to business people, students in colleges and at schools and community leaders from a variety of backgrounds. Book us for your next event today.

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